What To Do After You Book a Session


Please schedule your appointment time with me by clicking  “HERE”
My availability for sessions is during the day EST. However, if this is not possible, I will accommodate you – email me and we will find a time. Please take notice of the timezone it says you are scheduled in. I am in Eastern Standard Time.
I will call you for our session. I prefer to do all my sessions ( unless we are meeting in person) on Skype without the video. If you live in the United States and do not use Skype, i will call you for your session on the telephone. All sessions out of the United States will be on Skype without the video. If you live out of the country, and don’t have access to a free Skype phone session, any internet or phone charges will be your responsibility . In that case, you will need to be responsible for the phone charges and call me.
 I spend time before your session with your photos to retrieve information about you – so TWO DAYS  before your session, please email me several very recent pictures of yourself – Selfies are fine.  All photos must be head on, where i can clearly see your eyes and the more recent the better.  Please be sure to include your name/ birthdate and Skype and/or a phone number.
I am looking forward to speaking with you at your upcoming reading!