Are you looking to add something different and exciting to your next Birthday, Bachelorette, Bridal Shower, Cocktail, Pool Party or Gathering?


Hosting an Intuitive Reading Party

is a Unique, Fun & Creative Way to 

Entertain Your Guests and Friends!

Your guests will leave feeling amazed, surprised, and delighted.

It is a truly unforgettable experience!

Hosting a  “Girlfriend’s” Intuitive Party:

I set up my table in a private area of your home and give 10- 30 minute readings to each guest. The length of the readings will depend on how many guests you have and how many hours I will be there.  Sometimes the Hostess pays for everyone but often at this type of party each woman simply pays for her own reading. This pairs well with a jewelry or beauty products etc  party.  The number of participants is decided beforehand and the hostess is responsible for the payment regardless of any no shows. Price depends on how many people are attending and your location. Just call me with the details.

Larger parties – more than 8 people

Readings can be  5 –  20 minutes depending on how many guests you are having. We will determine that when we speak.  No matter how much time a guest is given- they will receive important and valuable information! I will set up my table with a sign up sheet so your guests will know what time slot their reading is. This way there is no waiting around on line for a reading with me and your guests are free to enjoy the party! Cost depends on hw many guest you are having and your location.

I live in Hudson Valley, NY and I travel within the tri-state area.  Depending on the distance there may be a travel charge.